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A1 Mechanical Contractors is Kalamazoo's local boiler & radiant heating service expert. Our team of heating system specialists is ready to help you with preventative and pre-season maintenance, repair, replacement, and new installation.

We provide service and repair for all makes and models of boiler & radiant heating and install Lochinvar boilers. Call or click today to schedule the boiler & radiant heating services you need.

Lochinvar Boiler

A1 Mechanical Contractors carry Lochinvar Boilers. Click the logo below to learn more about the models we carry.

Lochinvar Boilers

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Pre-Season & Preventative Maintenance for Boilers & Radiant Systems

High-efficiency boilers are incredibly reliable and efficient heating systems but over time they will begin to cost more to operate and will require more frequent repairs.

To prolong this from happening pre-season and preventative maintenance is suggested. By having an expert look at your boiler & radiant heating system before the heating season comes you can avoid costly fixes by repairing them when they are minimal.

Have peace of mind when it comes to your warmth through the Kalamazoo winter. Call or click today to schedule your boiler & radiant heating pre-season check-up.

Boiler Repair

No matter how reliable and efficient your boiler is, one day it will need to be repaired just like your car. When your boiler needs repair A1 Mechanical Contractors are here to help! Our team of heating system service experts is ready to get your home comfortable again.

Call or visit our contact form today to schedule the boiler and radiant heating system repair you need.

It's always better to take care of an issue before it grows into a much more costly and disruptive problem.

Boiler Replacement & New Installation

After years of reliable service repairs on your heating system will be needed more and more often.

Over time the cost of the repairs will outway the benefit, that is when you should consider replacing your aging heating system with a high-efficiency boiler and radiant heating system from Lochinvar.

The team at A1 Mechanical Contractors will design you a boiler and radiant heating system sized to heat your home efficiently and reliably for years. Call or click today to schedule your replacement or get your estimate for a new installation.

Radiant Heating Services & Information

Radiant heat is a very maintainable, healthy heat that is absorbed by the environment around it. Radiant heat keeps your home warm longer and more consistently, instead of overheating which causes heat loss.

Many studies have been conducted that indicate that physical warmth makes people more happy and pleasant to be around.

This is why radiant heat has become as popular as it has been over the years.

A1 Mechanical Contractors is committed to providing homeowners with the luxury they are looking for, our products supply cozy and comfortable warmth.

Clearing the Air

We know that Forced air systems blow hot air in your home, but what most of us don't realize is that forced air also pushes dust, allergens and other airborne particles in every room.

Healthy Living

By improving indoor air quality we can reduce many occurrences of asthma, allergies, medical bills and more.

Reduce Pollutants

Studies show that dust mite populations are reduced by as much as 90% in radiant heated homes.

Relax at Home

Quiet and peaceful environment, free of noisy fans and blowers.